Modern Art Lighting

In all honesty, “modern art” is a term that was used a bit too much in the seventies and requires some reevaluation and redefinition if we are to use it intelligently in a professional dialogue. From an etymologically purist perspective, the term literally means art that represents the challenges, values, and responses of the soul to modern life. Keep in mind that everything modern usually becomes a fragment of history after a few short years pass, so to remain true to reality please keep in mind also that the only real modern art is art that both expresses change and can adapt itself to change enough to remain free from the traps of perception and time. Lighting modern art with a bit of philosophy built into the circuitry can go a long way toward making your modern art collection a light speed phenomenon that keeps in step with the times and remains true to its name. A properly designed and executed modern art lighting theme will consequently bring you a return on investment in value beyond the dollar.

Modern art lighting accents and complements the viewer’s awareness of the purpose of the genre, and it requires a technical skill set blended with a creative drive that pushes beyond convention just enough to avoid being over analyzed by the viewer. If you are going to decorate with modern art, light the art in such as way as to challenge its audience to take nothing but steps forward in thought. This keeps the piece from becoming dated because it facilitates forward motion in the mind and prevents the viewer from judging the piece and categorizing it according to fixed ideas from the past. Illuminations Lighting and Design will accomplish this task for you by providing you with the most contemporary model picture lights that modern art requires to express its true nature.

If you have already invested a small fortune in more traditional art and now wish you had decorated with more contemporary and abstract forms, we can actually utilize unique combinations of traditional and modern art light fixtures that cast varying degrees of light and shadow that create a contemporary experience utilizing traditional forms. These proprietary lighting strategies work especially well with contemporary three-dimensional artwork and both classical and contemporary sculptures. ILD trains its consultants in the basics of parallel industries, so we can actually apply our working knowledge of construction and architecture toward lighting modern artwork and sculptures formed in similar proportions to modern buildings and custom homes. This requires knowledge of our own tools of trade down to the smallest detail, and to remain current with progress we constantly retrain and educate our staff on a regular basis.

As contractors we have many years of experience working not just on homes themselves but the properties upon which they reside. Our specialists are experts in outdoor lighting techniques. We can showcase outdoor works of modern art by lighting them with inconspicuously positioned, high performance spotlights placed in trees. The aesthetic we create will amaze you. Light will appear to come out of the darkness and put your most valued pieces in a spotlight of mystery and awareness that will appear to your guests as both the essence of modernity and timeless beyond diminishment.

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